ASM/SIEMENS PARTS 03059921-03 Nozzle- 2038cpl.

03059921-03 Nozzle- 2038cpl.

ASM&Siemens machine parts

Part Name: Nozzle- 2038cpl.

Part Number:03059921-03

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GS-SMT offer SMT spare parts ,such as feeder parts , machine parts , nozzles, filter, dispensor, belt, Feeder Carts, AI part ,etc.

We have good source and large ready stock for major brand SMT automotive spare parts

ASM&Siemens machine parts for sales

Can offer the parts in original new, used or compatible condition.


03059921-03 Nozzle- 2038cpl.

03059921-02 Vacuum Nozzle Type 2038

03059921 SIEMENS NOZZLE 2038

03064301-01 toothed belt / 10T5-280

03064389-01 GR Y-Trailing Cable cpl.

03064481-01 BALL BEARING 6000-2Z

03064608-03 Sensor module Y axis

03064983S01 BLDC Motor with PLG and Brake

03065078-01 Gantry interface X passive 1

03065185-01 pressure regulation G1/4 (34204034)

03065187S01 Plastic support plate for stopper

03065209S02 EDIF-Sekundary cpl. /X2x8

03065216S01 Swing top compl. / R2

03065247S01 Tape Cutter frequency controller

03065290-01 Tool f. assembly of sleeve brake DLM

03065295S02 board – ZV1 / CPP

03065304-01 distance spacer for y-solenoid


03065335-01 Gantry interface Y

03065425-06 Sentronic-D DN8 SUBB1/4 10BAR

03065628-01 Valve plunger f. pickup circle com.SP6

03065657-01 LCD Monitor,FSC SCENICVIEW A17-3

03065775S01 Assemblykitt SST34  X4i


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