ASM/SIEMENS PARTS 03097485-01 pick + place-modul THK R2

ASM/SIEMENS PARTS 03097485-01 pick + place-modul THK R2

03097485-01 pick + place-modul THK R2

ASM&Siemens machine parts

Part Name: pick + place-modul THK R2

Part Number:03097485-01

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GS-SMT offer SMT spare parts ,such as feeder parts , machine parts , nozzles, filter, dispensor, belt, Feeder Carts, AI part ,etc.

We have good source and large ready stock for major brand SMT automotive spare parts

ASM&Siemens machine parts for sales

Can offer the parts in original new, used or compatible condition.


03097485-01 pick + place-modul THK R2

03067046-03 Height Adapter/P001  930mm

03067048-03 Height Adapter/P001  900mm

03067206S09 COT-Insert 30 /P001

03067221-01 Gauge Adjusting Lock

03067227-01 Gas Spring

03067244-01 Gas Spring

03067274-02 Cable: Downstream, SMEMA Int. Trk 2

03067289S02 VISION BOARD Spread Spectrum HCU cpl

03067434-01 adapter:5pin. DIN-plug_PS/2-socket

03067460-01 Waste slide welded complete

03067486-01 Maintenancelabel CP20 10 pcs.

03067541-01 SMEMA interface 4 lane

03067662-02 PCB SMEMA 4 lane

03067670S01 Station  Computer S/F (ESPRIMO E5925)

03067672-04 CO-Table centring / WPC5

03067675-01 Transport Lock Y-Rail, cpl.

03067676-01 Transport Lock X-Rail, cpl.

03067748S01 WPC_5 CONTROL UNIT (Basic)

03068036-01 Solution to verify machine accuracy

03068057-01 ISO 4762 – M 5 x 25-12.9,geomet 321+VL


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