Automatic SMT splicing Machine


Charging power:220V 50Hz

Feed through rate:≥98%

Working hours:24H

Suitable for:SMT Production Line

Size: 450*360*1280

Net Weight: 80 KG


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Product advantages


Saving manpower

Raise work efficiency,reduce splicing worker by 30-50%


Easy operation

New staff can operate it well after 5 minutes simple training


Reduce labor intensity

Make the splicing position more automation、 standardization、and modeling.


Recoverable cost between 6 to 12 months

Utilization rate increased by 6% , bulk material continue butt,reduce by material waster;


Hugh increase by quality of splicing and qualified rate reach at least

95%,50% higher than manual splicing,avoid smt machine “Down” problem effectively,increase utilization rate


Product features


Using the same rack gear combined with high precision fiber optic testing, ensure the accuracy of cut and splicing.


Scope of application of the strip:The width is 8mm, and the thickness is 0.25-1.3mm paper and tape are used.


Small and flexible:W340*L450*H1280mmLithium battery powered :10-12hour(Preparation of two batteries to run 24H ).


Communication development : Connect production system SFCS system.


The rising of utilization rate can hugh improve company capacity benefit














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