Full Automatic Nozzle Cleaning Machine with Clean GS-0804

Full Automatic Nozzle Cleaning Machine with Clean GS-0804

Model GS-0804
Weight Around 40KG
Total power 200W
Power supply AC220V±10% 50/60Hz
Size L598*W396*H365(mm)
Air pressure 0.5 – 0.6MPa (during operation)
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Product introduction:

GS-0804 nozzle cleaning machine adopts touch screen + PLC distributed control, and adopts 3 nozzles for 10 rows and 30 nozzles, which can be cleaned in turn at the same time, so as to achieve high efficiency, energy saving, stable and reliable performance, completely crush the dirt on the surface and inside (because the nozzle is placed independently, the suction nozzle will not be damaged in the cleaning process), and the cleaning liquid (deionized water or distilled water) will be discharged automatically and directly in the cleaning process


Product model:

  • Applicable to the cleaning of suction nozzles of various specifications
  • Simple and convenient operation, pneumatic cleaning
  • Automatic continuous cleaning and automatic drying
  • Economical type, which can clean 30 suction nozzles at a time



♦The appearance adopts streamlined design, which is beautiful and generous.

♦The equipment adopts 3 nozzles to clean 10 rows and 30 nozzles in turn to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.

♦The whole inspection window is convenient for maintenance and operation.

♦All parts in contact with water are made of 304 stainless steel, which is rust proof, corrosion-proof, firm and stable.

♦Humanized design, one key start and stop can be realized at the external button.

♦Touch screen + PLC distributed control is adopted, with stable and reliable performance.

♦Convenient operation, simple interface, and can be switched between Chinese and English at any time.

♦It has misoperation alarm and emergency braking system, and is equipped with overload protection system.

♦Use environmental and pollution-free industrial purified water (HP value 5-7 soft water) or filtered purified water.

♦Centralized collection of wastes to facilitate maintenance.



Complete machine status Size L598*W396*H365(mm)
Weight Around 40KG
Power supply AC220V±10% 50/60Hz
Total power 200W
Gas source correlation Air source Pure compressed air
Air pressure 0.5 – 0.6MPa (during normal operation)
Injection pressure 0.4 MPa
Air consumption below 280nl / min
Other specifications Liquid type Industrial purified water
Liquid consumption 300cc/h
Liquid storage capacity 800cc
Intake pipe / drain pipe ¢8 / ¢6
Control mode Touch screen+PLC
Nozzle tray specification 3 nozzles in a single row, 30 nozzles in 10 rows by default
Specification of nozzle 0402、0201 、01005、03015


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