laser marking machine


Charging power:AC220V  50/60HZ

Support 3D marking:      Yes

Working hours:24H

Suitable for:SMT Production Line

Equipment weight:  650KG

Equipment (Length*Width*High mm):     650*1250*1450 mm

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Saving label cost


Save labelling manpower – save an average of 2 people per unit


Strong anti-counterfeiting ability, Strong traceability, permanent preservation


Environmental protection – no inkjet, carbon strip and other consumables.


Greatly improve production efficiency – 0.3 Sec for single code, use third-party rating to prevent the occurrence of repeated code errors


Laser type: CO2    / 5W ,Forced Air Cooling
Laser Wavelength: 532 NM
Laser Class: Class4
Laser Output Power: 5W
Point diameter: 0.11mm
Operating mode: Fix head
Laser material white paint: PCB blue or green, metal, glass, etc.
QR code Minimum Printing Size: 2*2mm
Single code marking Cycle Time: <0.3S(3*3mm size Include QR code for 20 bits of data  )
Number of save file: 10,000 files
Number of marking data: 2,000 files
Word: English uppercase、English lowercase、figure、katakana、hiragana、Chinese character
symbol、User saves text (Up to 50 can be set)
QR Code: QR code、Mirco QR code、iQR code、data matrix、GS1 data matrix
PCB size: 50*50mm(min)-L450*W450mm(max)
PCB thickness: 0.5—5mm
Marking Resolution: ≦0.11mm
Marking precision: ±15μm
PCB through above the surface height: 55mm
PCB through under the surface height: >45mm
Working height: 900±20mm
Track transfer speed: 50-3000mm/min
Thin plate anti-warping pressure system: Support(up and down clamp plate)
Direction: L-R\R-L  Adjust
Automatic focus and Red Aiming Beam: Yes
Scan speed: >1999mm/S
Support 3D marking: Yes(Z aixs automatic height correction range:6mm)
Position system: CCD+MARK position
Selective marking: BAD MARKcan be recognized 、Bad board skip automatically
Cooling mode: air cooling
fumes treatment: Automatic cleaning system
equipment supplies: No
Program produced Component Library data: Yes
OFF LINE PROGRAM Capability: Yes
Input voltage、equipment supplies: AC220V  50/60HZ
Kpa: ≥0.5MPa
Equipment (Length*Width*High mm): 650*1250*1450 mm
Equipment weight: 650KG





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