Panasonic 185 NOZZLE : N610070338AB N610004672AA

Panasonic 185 NOZZLE : N610070338AB N610004672AA

Panasonic spare parts:

Brand Name:Panasonic

Model No : 185

Part No 1 :N610070338AB

Part No 2 :N610004672AA


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We have good source and large ready stock for major brand SMT automotive spare parts.

We offer all brand SMT spare parts ,such as feeder parts , machine parts , nozzles, filter, dispensor, belt, Feeder Carts, AI part ,etc.

Brand:Fuji,Hitachi/Sanyo,Juki,Panasonic(KME),Assembleon/Phillips,Sanyo,SIPLACE/SIEMENS,Universal,DEK ,I pulse ,and Yamaha.


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Global Soul Limited(GS-SMT)


Attn: Jade Yang

Whatsapp/wechat:+86 137 2869 6610



Panasonic N610070338AB N610004672AA 185 NOZZLE :

Brand Name Panasonic
Panasonic Machine Parts 1 N610070338AB (185 NOZZLE)
Panasonic Machine Parts 2 N610004672AA (185 NOZZLE)
Product name NOZZLE
PART NAME 1 N610070338AB
PART NAME 2 N610004672AA
Place of Origin CHINA&JAPAN


Panasonic spare parts for sales instore :

N610004672AA NOZZLE No.185
N610098972AA NOZZLE No.1004N
N610098973AA NOZZLE No.1005N
N610114702AA NOZZLE No.1006N
N610099372AA NOZZLE No.110N
N610099374AA NOZZLE No.120N
N610099375AA NOZZLE No.130N
N610099376AA NOZZLE No.140N
N610148258AA NOZZLE No.256CS
N610119473AA NOZZLE No.140SN
N610140967AB NOZZLE No.256C
N610140968AB NOZZLE No.256CN
N610064717AA NOZZLE No.185
N610119411AA NOZZLE No.185N
N610070079AB NOZZLE No.199
N610099484AA NOZZLE No.460N
N610099483AA NOZZLE No.450N
N610099482AA NOZZLE No.206AN
N61009373AA NOZZLE No.115AN
N610070338AB NOZZLE No.185
N610004673AA NOZZLE No.161
N610004675AA NOZZLE No.163
KXFX052CA00 NOZZLE No.1347
N610004573AA NOZZLE No.210
N610004677AA NOZZLE No.165
N610029201AB NOZZLE No.203Z
N610035133AB NOZZLE No.175
N610036188AA 1608 Nozzle 115C

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