N610043815AA NOZZLE No.235CS

Panasonic machine parts

Part Name:NOZZLE No.235CS

Part Number: N610043815AA

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We have good source and large ready stock for major brand SMT automotive spare parts.

We offer all brand SMT spare parts ,such as feeder parts , machine parts , nozzles, filter, dispensor, belt, Feeder Carts, AI part ,etc.

Brand:Fuji,Hitachi/Sanyo,Juki,Panasonic(KME),Assembleon/Phillips,Sanyo,SIPLACE/SIEMENS,Universal,DEK ,I pulse ,and Yamaha.


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Global Soul Limited(GS-SMT)


Attn: Jade Yang

Whatsapp/wechat:+86 137 2869 6610



Panasonic N610043815AA 235CS NOZZLE :

Brand Name Panasonic
Panasonic Machine Parts N610043815AA (235CS NOZZLE)
Product name NOZZLE
PART NAME N610043815AA
Place of Origin CHINA&JAPAN


Panasonic spare parts for sales instore :

N610043815AA 235CS
N610043815AB 235CS
N610040786AA 225CS
N610119479AB 225CSN
N610040787AA 226CS
N610040853AD 240CS
N610030510AC 206AS
N610017370AC 205S
N610058431AA 161S
N610136157AA 163S
KXFW1BCAA00 110/110A
N610004566AA 110F
KXFW1BDAA00 115/115A
KXFX03DJA00 120
KXFX03DKA00 130
KXFX0386A00 140
KXFX03DPA00 450
N610000995AA 205/205A
KXFX037SA00 1001
KXFX037TA00 1002
KXFX03DWA00 1003
KXFX03DYA00 1004
KXFX03D0A00 1005
KXFX03DLA00 1006
KXFX05V2A00 206A
N610040782AA 225C
N610040783AA 226C
N610040784AA 230C
N610043814AA 235C
N610062681AD 240C

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