Automatic high efficiency nozzle cleaning machine GS-0801

Automatic high efficiency nozzle cleaning machine GS-0801

Model GS-0806
Size(L*W*H) 505×570×500(mm)
Power requirements 300w
Power supply 3P2W,220VAC,50/60Hz,10A
Air source pressure 0.5 – 0.6MPa(During daily operation)
Weight 62Kg


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Machine installation and adjustment


1.This equipment can only be operated by professional maintenance and repair personnel or trained qualified personnel.

2.Before power on, it shall be determined that the external input power supply is consistent with the rated voltage and current of the equipment.

3.This equipment contains high-voltage device and mechanical transmission. Pay attention to personal safety during operation.

4.The cleaning fluid used for this equipment is pure water (HP value 5-7 soft water), and solvent liquids are strictly prohibited.

5.The compressed air used in this equipment is pure gas, and unfiltered gas is strictly prohibited.

6.Do not scratch or strike the touch screen with sharp objects by gravity.


Working environment and conditions

  1. The equipment shall be placed on the ground or flat desktop in a dry and ventilated plant.
  2. The working environment temperature shall be between 5 ℃ and 45 ℃.
  3. The humidity of the working environment shall be between 20% and 95%.
  4. Power requirements: apply the voltage according to the factory instructions of the equipment.
  5. Use purified 0.5 to 0.6MPa industrial gas source (during operation).


Precautions for adding water

  1. Please use purified water (HP value 5-7 soft water).
  2. It is forbidden to open the cover of water injection port and add water when the equipment is running; Add water after stopping the equipment.
  3. When filling water, pay attention to the prompt or audible warning on the display. The display will pop up after fillingThe buzzer will sound three times when the water is added. Stop adding water immediately after hearing the prompt.
  4. When filling water, pay attention to the water inlet to prevent excessive overflow and damage to the electrical appliances in the machine.


Function description

1 Work indicator The green light is on during normal operation, the red light is on during alarm, and the yellow light is on during shunting.
2 Water inlet It can be opened by rotating counterclockwise. After adding water, tighten it clockwise.
2 Touch screen After power on, the touch screen can control and monitor the cleaning machine
4 Power switch Press it to turn on the power, and press it again to turn off the power.
5 Pointer pressure gauge Displays the current air pressure of the washer.
6 Air pressure regulating valve Adjust the air pressure entering the cleaning machine (when adjusting, pull out the shell, rotate it, and press the shell inward after adjustment).
7 Water mist adjusting knob Adjust the size of water mist during cleaning. Turn clockwise to decrease and counterclockwise to increase.
8 Air inlet The air pipe needs to be inserted into the interface to provide air source for the cleaning machine.
9 Power port Three plug power interface
10 outlet Connect the drain pipe to drain the water used by the cleaning machine.
11 Digital pressure switch The middle number is the measured air pressure value, and the lower right corner is the digital threshold value. The threshold value can be adjusted by pressing the left and right buttons

Operation process


Inspection before power on

  1. Check whether the power supply is the rated AC power supply of the machine;
  2. Check whether the equipment is well grounded;
  3. Check whether the drainage pipe is properly placed;
  4. Check whether the air pressure is normal and there is false air leakage;
  5. Check whether the emergency stop button has popped up;
  6. Check whether the water level in the water tank is normal;


Place suction nozzle

Place the suction nozzle on the tray, cover the cover plate, then place the tray in the cleaning room of the washing machine, and close the safety door


Power on and log in to the administrator interface to set parameters

Recommended cleaning time: 80-200 seconds

Recommended drying time: 60-120 seconds

Please set it according to the actual suction nozzle model and blockage degree


Automatic cleaning

After setting the parameters (once), press start on the touch screen, and the cleaning machine starts automatic cleaning,

Blow dry automatically after cleaning After drying, the work completion window will pop up.


Cleaning completed

The yellow light is on after cleaning Open the safety door and take out the clean suction nozzle to end a process.


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