SMT Ultrasonic Weapons Cleaners SMT Ultrasonic nozzle cleaning machine GS-100S

SMT Ultrasonic Weapons Cleaners SMT Ultrasonic nozzle cleaning machine GS-100S

Model GS-100S
Capacity 30L
Ultrasonic frequency 40KHz
Transducer 10 PCS
Heating power 500W
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GS-100S desktop numerical control ultrasonic cleaning machine (30L) functional features:

  1. The operation interface is designed with a 20 degree tilt and controlled by touching the key.
  2. High quality ultrasonic transducer, super oscillation, low heating capacity, stable performance and stable output; The intensity of cavitation effect is higher and the cleaning effect is more significant.
  3. The inner tank is made of thickened 304 stainless steel, which is formed by one-time stamping without welding; It has good acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, safety and water leakage prevention.
  4. High quality components are adopted to perfectly balance the distribution voltage, so that the ultrasonic head can reach the vibration point of the same frequency and achieve stronger resonance effect.
  5. More than 6.5l is equipped with stainless steel drain valve, which can easily and quickly discharge the cleaning liquid.
  6. It can be used for ultrasonic cleaning, emulsification, mixing, extraction, dispersion, degassing, etc
  7. Accessories: silencing cover, cleaning basket, instruction manual, repair card


“Functional features of GS-100S high power ultrasonic cleaning equipment (30L)

Body: made of high-quality stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance and long service life;

Inner groove: thickened high-quality stainless steel stamping, no weld, strong waterproof performance;

Time: 1-99 minutes, freely set, suitable for long-time work needs;

Temperature: normal temperature – 80 degrees adjustable, automatic constant temperature heating;

Power: the ultrasonic power is strengthened by one key, the cleaning speed is faster and the effect is cleaner;

Ultrasonic transducer: Industrial transducer, with stronger cleaning force and longer service life;

Drive board: high quality components, double insurance design, short circuit protection, stable performance and high reliability;

Drainage: more than 6.5l is equipped with drainage valve;

Accessories: host, power cord, silencing cover, cleaning basket, manual, warranty card.

In addition, in addition to cleaning, it can also be used for dispersion extraction, nano preparation, chemical reaction, degassing, defoaming, emulsification, mixing, extraction, replacement, catalytic reaction, etc.

Applicable fields: auto parts, printer nozzles, cutting tools, computer motherboards and accessories, laboratory utensils, medical devices, circuit boards, hardware, optical lenses, ticket cards, etc.Glassware, medical equipment, auto parts, circuit board, printer nozzle, hardware and mechanical parts, jewelry, optical lens, ticket card, coin, game coin, etc.”

Model GS-100S
Overall dimensions 530*330*350MM Size of internal tank 500*300*200MM
Ultrasonic frequency 40KHz Ultrasonic power 300W/600W
Transducer 10 PCS Capacity 30L
Heating power 500W Time control 1-30M

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